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I thought, as I swiped my thumb across my sisters iphone revealing yet another nude selfie.

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This is a print version of story My sister becomes my cum slut by fallenangel from xHamster.

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I came again on his command, barely grunting acknowledgement at his multiple requests if I was okay.

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My eyes fluttered open at his fingertips brushing against my forehead.

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So tender though he pressed harder on the next pass.

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Flicked at the ring and ball protruding from the top.

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" I gave him a smile and kissed him when he returned to me.

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Then he pinched and twisted my nipples, making me gasp.

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Scooting back so that his cock rested between my legs now, the coolness of the piercings reminding me of one of my questions.

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" He tipped my chin up.

We hung out at his parents' house quite a bit.

At all.

I had to bite my lip to stop my whimpers when his finger stroked deeper between my legs.

Eventually, he sighed.

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